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Some of these include usability at any place in the world. Its Quad band network of GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz makes it operational all over the world. Nokia N97 is such a mobile handset that is incomparable with any other mobile handset thus making it unique in the whole series.

The operating system of Nokia handset is of Symbian OS v9.4for making it operational as windows operating mobile. Whole set is devoted to 3.5” bright nHD in 640x360pixels and 16.9 aspect ratio. It is a decent device to provide excellent user experience.

Nokia N97 Mobile Phone has 5Mp camera with 4x zoom. Camera focal length is 5.4mm, which means that it is possible to click pictures from as small as 5.4mm distance, all the distinct moments and pictures which were not clicked before can easily be clicked through this great handset. Send messages by writing them in your own hand writing so that the receiver feels the emotions through it.

Whenever you are on tour then this small mobile phone will guide you through the routes by displaying them on the screen. Its integrated A-GPS and included maps provide the desired facility of routes in an unknown area.

weight of Nokia N87 is 150g , 80cc by volume and 117.2x55.3x15.9 mm in dimensions. This slide out QWERTY keyboard has touchscreen and specially assigned keys such as Application key, Call Creation Key, Call Termination key, Camera Key and Volume keys. Its keyboard is to type the messages, edit them and send them through Email. The Email is facilitated through WAP whereby browsing and surfing is made easier through this handy handset. Log on to themobilestore and purchase this handset for making your life easier and technocrat.

Review About LG Chocolate Phone

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I was recently looking for a new cell phone and of course my 10 year old daughter had to approve it first. I wanted a flip phone that is easy to use, a good camera, Bluetooth compatible, GPS, and music. My daughter wanted an MP3 player, a camera and video, easy texting and "something cool looking".

I decided on the LG 8600. It was a great price and had everything on our wish list. I was replacing my cheap old Motorola; the Chocolate is thinner and has a black shiny shell. That was a great selling feature for my daughter, yes it apparently looks cool. She was also very excited by the music abilities; it has a music player that plays MP3 and WMA songs which is easily accessible with touch-sensitive music keys on the outside. It has quite a nice MP3 music player, my daughter just loves it. I should warn you though it does not come with a USB cable to download MP3s from your computer. Downloading songs from the web onto the phone is a big argument in our home. She wanted to be able to listen to music, understood, but I don't want to pay the ongoing download fees. With a young daughter, I had to really watch the download costs and impose a strict limit. As you guessed it, in the end I bought the LG USB cable to solve any future aggravation.

The screen is nice and big too, a sharp and clear 220 by 176 pixel display. This screen has great resolution and seems clearer than I'm used too. It's not blocky when I watch video, and the sound nicely syncs with the video. It comes with a complimentary game but my daughter has since uploaded a few of her own, she thinks it's easy to use for texting and gaming. Menus and files are easy to open. Telus included a 1GB memory card, a card reader/writer and stereo headsets. It was preloaded with Telus mobile music, Navigator, mobile radio and email.

The phone has a 1.3 mega pixel camera at the top, the camera buttons and rocker volume buttons are on the lower sides. These are easy to reach and very convenient when accessing either device. I love it because it's less fumbling, and my daughter loves it because she can play without anyone noticing.

The phone comes with some great basic applications include Gps, Calculator, Alarm Clock, Scheduler, Notepad, EZ Tip Calculator, World clock, and a Voice Memo. My old phone only had the bare basics. The contacts file has the standard five hundred entry phone book with the options of picture ID, mobile phone unit, home phone, email address, and the home address.

Overall, both my daughter and I are very happy with our new phone. It's sleek and cool with very easy to use buttons and we love the phone and MP3 player. Telus gave us a hot price, along with a great plan for my business that includes lots of text so my daughter can keep in touch with her friends, I can't believe all her friends with their own phones, I guess I will be getting her, her own phone soon. I really like this phone and would recommend it to my friends and any other parents.

It used to be such that blogging is just a form of hobby. Many people write blogs just for the fun it or for socializing. However, over the years, many have resorted to writing blogs as a way to earn. The blogging business has become a popular thing these days. If you already have a blog or you are planning to create one as a hobby, how can you turn it into a blogging business?

1. Think of a niche topic. You have to find a topic that you are very familiar with so you will have many things to write. Do not be like others who start topics that they cannot sustain. All your efforts will go to waste. Also bear in mind that your niche topic should be something that others will be interested in. Also be mindful of competition. See if there are already many blogs about it. If there are then you may want to consider other topics. But if you still want that topic, think of ways to make yours different from the rest.

2. Write interesting blogs. Your blog entries should always be informative so that people will find them useful. Make your style of writing engaging so that your readers will be hooked and they will keep coming back. Try to never make mistakes about the facts that you write as this will definitely pull down your reputation.

3. Link with other blogs. This is a good way to popularize your blog. It is also a nice way to get connections.

4. Link with advertisers. It is important that as you build your following, you also build a good relationship with advertisers because after all, it is through them that you earn. For beginners, there are existing advertising networks that you could link up with.

The blogging business is still a booming business. So if you want to earn big money or you want to have it as your permanent job, take it seriously.

How to Download Games to Your PSP

The PSP is one of the best systems you can use for portable entertainment. Yet, in some ways it is not as portable as it could be. Why? Well, in order to operate the system, you must use a UMD disc, the main medium for storing PSP games and movies. Granted, UMD discs are extremely small, but they are still an annoyance to keep up with, especially if you have a whole bunch of them. In fact, if you have too many UMDs, you’ll have to get a carrying kit big enough to hold everything. This can get in the way if you’re the type that wants to keep the PSP in your pocket or purse.

Fortunately, there is an alternative solution. Assuming you have a memory card, you can download games to your PSP. After doing this, you’ll be able to run PSP games or movies right from the unit it self. When you download games to your PSP, you can do away with UMDs forever!

So what do you have to do to download games to your PSP? The answer to this question can be found through two websites: PSP Blender and PSP Nerd. For a small fee, each of these resources will allow you to download PSP games and movies quickly and easily. They will also explain in detail how you can transfer these files onto the device.

Of course, if you don’t have enough money to use both sites, you’re going to have to decide which one is a better fit for your situation. Look at the sections below to get a better understanding of how these resources differ from one another when it comes to downloading PSP games.

1. PSP Blender

PSP blender possesses a very generous collection of PSP games and movies. In fact, PSP aficionados believe that PSP Blender contains the most PSP files anywhere online. This includes miscellaneous files, such as MP3s, television shows, online magazines, demos and game cheats.

You can also use PSP Blender to convert regular DVDs into PSP format. This means you won’t have to be limited to watching movies that are already on UMD. Such a feature is extremely advantageous, since there aren’t as many UMD movies on the market right now.

Finally, PSP blender provides full technical support should you get stuck when trying to download games to your PSP. This includes online chat and a toll-free technical support number.

2. PSP Nerd

PSP Nerd also has a very large selection of PSP games and movies. It is also growing in popularity, even if it doesn’t have the PR that PSP Blender currently has.

Most importantly, PSP Nerd has more in-depth tutorials explaining how to download games to your PSP. In fact, unlike PSP Blender, PSP Nerd actually has video tutorials explaining what to do. This is a great way for beginners to fully understand the process associated with downloading PSP games and movies.

It should also be noted that PSP Nerd also provides PSP software emulators. So, if you want to play games from other systems onto your PSP, this site will give you everything you need.

For more info on PSP Blender and PSP Nerd visit www.thepspreviewer.com


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Nowadays, the telecommunication industry is putting forward a wide array of functions and technologies to entice the customer’s interest. From radios and pagers to mobile phones, Motorola has always been a leader in the electronic goods. Motorola is one of the successful mobile phone brands across the world. The brand has made use of some of the finest concepts to carve out world-class features. Unlike other handsets, the Motorola mobile phones do not compromise on any grounds in respect to quality, looks and performance. These phones cater the users with their elegant and sophisticated looks.

Motorola mobile phones are designed keeping various professionals, young people, students, executive and many more. Motorola offers trendy, slim, stylish handsets which are packed with some of the highly used features such as Internet connectivity. Apart from high-end connectivity options, the users can experience multimedia capabilities. The best part is that with all the latest features, these phones are affordable. Thanks to the user-friendly mobile phone deals that are available in the market.

Some of the latest Motorola mobile phones are Motorola RIZR Z8, Motorola ROKR E2, Motorola KRZR K1 and so on. The Motorola Moto Q8 pure luxury, as it is engineered design and clear cut silhouette with a metallic gloss finish reaffirm the belief in stunning style. The handset is enriched with premium multimedia features, advanced global connectivity options and sophisticated entertainment capabilities. With exclusive looks and cutting-edge functionality, this widget is known for a consummate wireless and multimedia experience.

Motorola RIZR Z8 is a 3G enabled handset which provides optimum multimedia entertainment. An integrated 2 megapixel camera comes complete with dedicated shutter button, integrated lumi LED light and red-eye reduction. Moreover, this handset is empowered with Symbian OS and provide access to Microsft applications. The Z8 boasts of wireless Bluetooth and cabled USB connection. The handset is backed with 90 MB of internal memory which can be expanded up to 4GB.

The Motorola ROKR E8 is a stylish and trendy handset and packed with various innovative features to enhance the wireless communication. Its user-friendly touch sensitive keypad helps you to access the menus very comfortably. The navigation scroll wheel allows the users to access various high-end features with ease. This widget is backed with the enhanced connectivity options such as GPRS, EDGE, wireless Bluetooth, cabled USB etc. With the 2 GB internal memory, the users will never face the storage capacity constraints. To conclude, it can be sad that Motorola mobile phones are adorned with advanced features and functions. While using this phone, the users can have ultimate mobile phone experience.

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